About us

 Our company specialises in the care of fish, reptiles & amphibians and is a family run business .  Our aim is to provide a specialist range of products and services to encourage the correct care and welfare of all exotic pets. We have developed our own range of reptile and aquatic accessories to provide a comprehensive range of products at affordable prices.

We have modern manufacturing facilities in Buxton where we produce glass aquariums, glass vivariums, metal vivarium hoods, aquarium hoods, aquarium cabinets,  fibreglass ponds and plastic moulding within our 9000sq ft premises . With almost 60 years in the trade between our directors we have the experience in the trade to manufacture both standard items as well as customer specific requests.

 please email sales@junglepets.co.uk with your special requirements.

Please use the Categories buttons, above left, for fuller details of all products we manufacture or sell. 

We deliver all aquariums and ponds on our own vans and to certain areas only at the web delivery prices, please see delivery charges for areas or contact us if unsure.