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Product Description

This is a Professional Kit, suitable for Tortoises with a carapace under 6/7", and  that originate from a dry, arad, enviroment, such as; Leopards, Sulcatas, Hermans, Horsefelds, etc. This kit includes everything your Tortoise needs to live a happy live, in the perfect environment!

This Professional kit includes:
1 x 100cm Wooden Vivarium
2 x LKES Light Fittings
1 x 100w ES Basking Spot Bulb
1 x Compact U.V 10.0
1 x 10ltr Tortoise Bio Floor
1 x 23x11Heatmat
1 x Dimming Stat
1 x Thermometer
1 x 350ml Pot of CalciPlus
2 x Repti Resin Bowls
So it really is everything you will need! This professional kit includes a dimming stat, so therefore the temperature of your vivarium can be properly thermostatically controlled, meaning if your vivarium gets too hot then it will dim the bulb down, so it does not give off as much heat (preventing your Bearded Dragon from over heating), and then when your vivarium cools a little it will come back on fully, this is a much more natural method of thermostatically controlling the temperature as a cheaper, on / off stat will simply switch the bulb on or off, whereas a dimming stat is more natural, like the sun!

Base Units also available to suit!

100cm Professional Tortoise Kit