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100cm Vivarium

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 This vivarium is available in a range of colours, the standard colours are Beech, Chestnut and Maple. Black Ash and Walnut are alo available at a premium. For colours see our aqurium furniture section.

The colour in picture is Beech. We normally carry the standard colours in stock other colours take 2-3 weeks to produce.

Vivarium size

length - 39" - 100cm

width - 15" - 385mm

height - 18.5" - 460mm

Two vent hole at rear which can be removed to allow wires etc to be passed through. Simply remove vent , pass plugs and wires through and then trim a slot in the vent and refit sealing the hole. Ventilation is good as the air is designed to pass throught the small gap between the glass and escape out of the ventilation holes at the back of the vivarium.

Silicone sealed for long life guarding against water spillage, however it is recomended that any water spilt is wiped up immediately otherwise as with any wood it will swell.