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Product Description

  Our 60cm bearded dragon starter kit is a basic kit comprising of the following:

Ready assembled Wooden Vivarium aprox size - 60cm x 48cm x 38cm. These are silicone sealed inside to prevent water damage but it is recomended with any wooden products to wipe up and dry any split water to prevent the wood swelling.
Reptisand bedding which is specifically manufacured for reptiles as if eaten it will pass through the snake without causing any blockages common in reptiles.
Heat Mat 11" x 11" which must be placed underneath the vivarium to provide a background heat.
40w Spot reflector bulb with fitting. (fitting will require wiring up)

Compact flourescent 10.0 UVB tube
ES lighting kit for compact bulb.

The kit is designed for a  baby bearded dragon or a jouvenile rankins dragon .

Additional Products recomended to go with this kit are:

Water Bowl
Food Bowl
Calcium Suppliment
These can all be purchased seperately.

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60cm Bearded Dragon Starter Kit