All Glass Aquariums / Sumps/ XL Tanks

All Glass Aquariums / Sumps/ XL Tanks

Our own in house aquarium manufacturing division can produce any size or shape of aquarium required - below is a range of standard sizes, with prices starting at only £23.99.

All aquariums have access in top back corners for pipes etc to enter the aquarium,

Glass sliding covers can be added to any size please choose seperately as they do not come with the aquariums as standard most sizes are listed in the seperate product list.

We can deliver aquariums to any part of the UK using our fleet of vehicles , usually within two weeks, Our delivery charges are based on most Uk destinations, we can not deliver to Highlands, Scotland,  Cornwall, Ireland or Central London. A few other outlying areas such as the South Coast and Norfolk will be extra, please enquire for delivery charges for these areas. Our driver will deliver onto site but we ask customers to ensure that there are an adequate number of people available to unload and lift the size aquarium required.

All aquariums are manufactured from new 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm or 12mm float glass as required by the size of the aquarium. All our aquariums carry a 1 year guarantee against leaks from the seams, each tank has a guarantee and this also provides important safety and set up information which must be adhered to. Our glass aquariums come as standard with clear silicone unless stated and a top black facia strip to front and back. Aquariums over 36x18x15 have a bracing bar across the top centre ,the pictures shown may not be of the actual bracing on the aquarium supplied they can be used for coldwater, tropical or marine fish. Any size aquarium can be produced with standard edging .

We also have facilities to drill glass and manufacture overflows, wiers etc to your requirements. However when drilling glass there is often small shell chips produced when drilling - these are normally hidden when the tank connector is siliconed in place. Holes are £15 each unless on larger panels over 72" x 24" they are then £25 per hole, if holes are required please email with a sketch to show hole position. thanks

Tank sizes are listed length (left to right) x height (top to bottom) x width (front to back)

All standard aquariums must be sited on either foam aquapads or polystirene to act as a cushion depending on the size.

Glass sliding covers can be supplied with tanks these are quoted individually, please email with details.

Should any aquarium be used as a vivarium care must be taken so that any heat source used does not crack the glass.

DELIVERY CHARGES : tanks are fragile and therefore hard to ship, therefore on larger sizes these must be shipped on our own vans so if you order 1 or 10 tanks you just pay 1 delivery fee , however we can ship 1 aquarium or several aquariums often at the same one off delivery cost!

Please email our office if you are looking to purchase larger quantities and need to know about delivery we cover virtually the entire Uk on a 2-3 weekly basis.So we never have a run too far away from any destination. We deliver all aquariums and ponds on our own vans and to certain areas only at the web delivery prices, please see delivery charges for areas or contact us if unsure.

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Showing 1 - 16 of 16 products
Showing 1 - 16 of 16 products