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Bargain Corner - all glass aquariums odd sizes bargain prices

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These aquariums are sometimes made from offcuts from larger aquariums and give non standard sizes so often we will list these and sell off at lower prices, occassionally we have order errors as well (fortunately not very often)

All these aquariums are built to the same quality and specification as other aquariums

All aquariums are manufactured from new  6mm, 8mm, 10mm or 12mm float glass as required by the size of the aquarium. 

All our aquariums carry a 1 year guarantee against leakage. Our standard sized glass aquariums come as standard with clear silicone and a top black facia strip to front and back. 

Many 60" aquariums are braced front and back as well as a central bar front to back, any over "24" tall also have end bracing at the top ,longer tanks generally have brcing at the ends as well,  but on all tanks we leave spacing for pipework etc to enter the tank at the back corners

They can be used for coldwater, tropical or marine fish.

Should any aquarium be used as a vivarium must be taken that any heat source used does not crack the glass.

Options available as per dropdown 

We can make other sizes please email if you cant see the size required

For home delivery please ask the office for expected delivery times, we try to deliver where possible on our own vans to ensure the aquarium reaches you in tact. We cover most of the UK within 2-3 weeks so please allow time for the next delivery run in your area. If you are out of our delivery area we will contact you and advice of any costs.