Heat Mats

Reptitherm heat mats and snake strips produce infrared heat and heat the furnishings within the vivarium and not the air. Reptiles absorb heat in a manner very similar to their basking in their natural environment.

Heat mats provide a very effective form or heating vivariums and can also be used for under chicks etc.  The heat mats produce ultra long wavelength infra red heat. They give a gentle background heat and are normally used 24 hours a day.  Heat Mats should be mounted outside the vivarium to prevent any risk of the reptile falling asleep on it and burning itself. These mats can simply slip under the wooden vivarium or be attatched to the lower back. To provide a heat gradient always place all heat sourses at the same end and the water bowl at the other, this will give a cool end by the water. When used with glass vivariums it is recomended that the mat does not directly touch the glass, to prevent cracking.
Reptitherm heat mats can be used under the vivarium or wall mounted. Due to the nature of the mat they can often be used without a thermostat when covering one third to half of the vivarium base area. However it is strongly recommended that all heat mats be used in conjunction with a thermostat. [Click here for details].

Manufactured in the UK