Moulded Euro Hoods without lighting

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These stylist black moulded hoods are designed to house multiple light tubes as required inside. They can easily be hinged back for access to the aquarium when sat on the glass reinforcing bars of the aquarium. They sit on the aquarium top reinforcing bars and therefore the hoods are slightly smaller than the aquarium sizes.

A condensation tray is provided to prevent moisture getting to the light tubes. Starter units must not be placed inside the hoods due to the weight and heat given off.

The Euro hoods are manufactured from vacuum formed plastic and as such will not take high wattage bulbs such as halogen bulbs, they are designed for use with LED striplights, compact flourescents and standard flourescent tubes. Any fittings can easily be attatched through the plastic.

Our standard condensation trays are used as replacements. Two of these hoods can be put next to each other on longer tanks.

We also supply these hoods with built in LED striplights.