Ponds with viewing windows

Below are a range of standard sizes we produce in various colours, but we can often quote for most sizes , if it can be lifted onto a truck then we can probably produce it, we have also produced them with 2 windows . 
Simply email sales@junglepets.co.uk with request and your location so we can quote.

Lead time on all ponds is normally 3-4 weeks, but during busy periods such as pond season it could be longer, please ask if unsure.

All sizes are approximate, due to the manufacture technique on these ponds, sizes will vary slightly from pond to pond. We recommend that these cladded or any exterior building work is completed after delivery to allow for any tolerances. 

The framework within  these ponds can be use for screwing and attaching cladding or facias easily. The new designed ponds can filled with insulation whilst in production to keep the water cooler during summer and warmer during the winter. With the nature of these pond there will be some natural flexing and this is due to construction techniques and materials used.

We have various delivery vehicles and larger ponds can be delivered on our flat bed trailers for ease of unloading. Drivers will ring on the day of delivery to advice a rough time and save people waiting around all day, Ponds up to 1350 litre can be lifted by 2 strong people but larger ponds 1350 litre and above you  will require a lot more people to unload, our driver will be on their own and we ask customers to ensure enough people are available to safely unload the ponds. Please see individual ponds for recomended number of people to unload.